Who We Are


I am a father, husband, ninth-generation Appalachian, and former fifth generation underground coal miner from Georges Fork, a small valley in the far Southwestern tip of Virginia near eastern Kentucky. In 2010 I left the mines to do what I can for a just energy transition, attending Berea College where I received my bachelor's degree in communication  As a communication strategist and lecturer, I  help organizations to inform communities without creating political and cultural divides.



Life is about serving others. As I attended Caldwell University I ventured to Central Appalachia looking to lend a hand where it was needed, often doing home repair before volunteering for over two years at a food pantry in eastern Kentucky. I eventually came to realize that our work, though desperately needed, was only treating the symptoms of a larger problem created by extractive industries in and around the region. As a new member of the Mullins family, I now continue serving others and looking to help alleviate the sources of those problems.


When we went on our last tour, I was 12 years old. Now I am 17 years old and I have experienced some changes in my life since my family moved to Berea, Kentucky and then to the Blacksburg, Virginia area. Clintwood was my home, but it can't be because of all the mining and problems it has caused. I enjoy history and hope one day we can learn from our past and create a better future.


I am 14 years old and will be entering high school next year. I love the mountains and the beauty of nature. I always hated seeing strip mining where I spent the first part of my life, but we left and have tried to stop it ever since. I enjoy traveling and seeing new places, meeting new people, and trying to find ways to help.

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  1. Rustina,
    This is Kim, My grandson, Mason, and I met You and your wonderful family today in Pittsburgh. (computers are stressful for me. this is my 2nd attempt. hope it works this time.) i just wanted to encourage your efforts and thank You for helping educate others to the reality of this atrocity. Prayerfully, these destructive practices will cease, the land will be repaired, and your homestead will be restored. Alex and Daniel are fortunate to have parents aware and able to fight the powers that be when they re wrong! Thank You from Mother Earth! Be blessed. Be strong. Be heard.